Etika Desmond
Series Etika-world-network-super-smash-bros.-thunder-logo
Final Smash The Dick
Appearances Super Smash Bros. Thunder
Tier D (17)


EtikaWorldNetwork, Or, Etika Desmond is the name of The YouTube Channel that creates day-to day video's about The Latest News for video games, As well as reactions! Etika is well known for The Mewtwo Trailer for Super Smash Bros. For Wii U\Nintendo 3DS, Because of The sudden shout's he say's, Like, MY DICK!!!!!!!, Or, MAH NIGGER!!!!!!!, Or just, MEWTWO!!!!!!! After The Video was created, Etika's famousolitey in YouTube has rapidly increased.


Etika is an average character, That has Terrific speed.

Etika is ranked D 17 in The Tier list.

Etika's Normal MovesEdit


  • ?

Side Tilt

  • ?

Up Tilt

  • ?

Down Tilt

  • ?


  • ?


  • ?

Etika's Special MovesEdit

Type Name Description
Neutral Special The Weed Etika takes some Weed, And throw's it at the opponents, Causing To Turn into Snoop Dog, And getting poisoned.
Side Special MahNiggerCobi Etika tells Cobi to come, And fight for Etika, And Cobi jumpscares the opponent.
Up Special MewShrek Etika keeps turning into Mewtwo just Mewtwo, Mewtwo, Then he turns into Shrek then its say's, Shrek.

Down Special

Sanic The Sanic Internet memes, Comes dashing through the stage.
Final Smash The Dick Etika quickly turns on The DeskTop, And watches The Mewtwo Trailer for Super Smash Bros. For Wii U \ Nintendo 3DS, And then, Etika's dick expands from The Short's, Causing 50% damage.

Notable AppearancesEdit

EWNetwork [2012]